Job Posting

Narragansett Bay Commission (NBC)

Process Monitor


The Process Monitor is responsible for monitoring the data from the plant’s computers and electronics and adjusting operations to maintain compliance with standards and regulations.  Serve as a lead to lower level staff regarding the operation of the plant and troubleshooting problems.  Monitor and operate a variety of computers and electronics in the monitoring of plant operations.  Monitor plant readings and adjust plant levels based on operational procedures and guidelines in order to maintain proper plant operations.  Maintain a variety of logs, reports, and documentation regarding plant operations and readings.  Oversee and/or respond to alarms or operational problems within plant property and at remote locations and takes corrective action based on defined procedures or supervisor direction.  Assist with completing applicable regulatory reports and working with related agencies.  Skill in operating a computer and applicable software applications.  Perform all duties of an Operator I or II as assigned.  Perform other duties of a similar nature or level.

NBC – Process Monitor BP050