Operator Exchange

The Operator Exchange Program provides many opportunities for operators and is available for all RICWA Members.



As part of the mission to promote the advancement of knowledge and exchange of information and experience, RICWA participates in the Operator Exchange Program. The Operator Exchange Program provides opportunities for operators in one state to exchange positions with operators in another state, to work in, visit, or tour different treatment plants for several days to one week for skill enhancement and to gain experience in the workings of a different plant(s). The program is partially sponsored by NEWEA and follows the NEWEA guidelines. The RICWA Board of Directors, along with the NEWEA State Director, will determine the operator participant.


The goal of this program is to help foster the professional development of New England’s finest clean-water professionals and the program’s success is directly related to the overwhelming support we get every year from you all. To complete our exchange, Evan O'Brien (South Kingstown) will be visiting Connecticut in mid-October.

This program is open to any active RICWA member. Not yet a member? JOIN US TODAY!

The responsibilities of the exchange operator participant include:

1. Ensure that letters of commitment are in hand.

2. Familiarize themselves with the itinerary of the exchange.

3. Contact the coordinator from the host state.

4. Maintain receipts for breakfasts, telephone calls, highway tolls, gasoline for his/her vehicle, and other billable incidental expenses for reimbursement by his/her Affiliated State Association.

5. Prepare a written description of the experience for publishing in NEWEA and State newsletter.


The responsibilities of the exchange operator participant include:

1. Contact the operator from the respective participating state and get a letter of authorization from their employer. Obtain a letter of commitment from each participating facility, authorizing operator participation.

2. Provide the exchange participants with an understanding of what is to be expected of them and answer any questions that may be asked.

3. Provide the exchange participants with State Association newsletters, programs, and as appropriate, memorabilia for presentation to the host state to increase inter-Association knowledge of the activities and programs of other State Associations.

4. Assure that, prior to the exchange, operators have been provided a schedule including any scheduled night activities, and a list of names and phone numbers of individuals in the host state that the operator will be with.

5. Assure that lodging has been arranged for the visiting operator.

6. Arrange and pay for lodging, meals during exchange activities (lunches and dinners), and other necessary fees, such as meeting registrations, etc., for the visiting operator. The visiting operator will pay for his/her own breakfasts, telephone calls and other hotel incidentals, highway tolls, gasoline for his/her vehicle, and other incidental expenses.

Thank you for everything you guys did to put the Operators exchange together this year! I had a great time touring the facilities and meeting the people who run them. It was a very well-planned experience, and I feel honored to have been able to participate in it. The events scheduling, and the leaders that gave the tours made the experience one of a kind. This gave me a real world look of things I have only read about in books.

Graydon Stewart

Farmington WPCF, CT

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