Wecome to the Rhode Island Clean Water Association!

Established in 1952, the Rhode Island Clean Water Association (RICWA), formerly the Narragansett Water Pollution Control Association (NWPCA), is a non-profit organization created to promote the advancement of knowledge concerning the nature, collection, treatment, and disposal of domestic and industrial wastewaters.

RICWA is an advocate for wastewater operators, providing training, technical information, and networking opportunities with the goal of improving water quality in Narragansett Bay and all the waters of the State of Rhode Island. Comprised of wastewater operators, engineers, and vendors of wastewater products and services,

RICWA membership has grown to over 200 professionals.
RICWA is a member association of the New England Water Environment Association (NEWEA) international Water Environment Federation (WEF)

RICWA wishes you  happy holidays and a magnificent New Year!

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Practical Methonds for Operation of Analytical Measurements in a Wastewater and Drinking Water Facility

Thursday December 17th 2020

8:30-11:30AM Registration begins at 8:00AM
Virtual Training

Rhode Island Clean Water Association 2020 Membership Application

(Narragansett Water Pollution Control Association)

The Narragansett Water Pollution Control Association (NWPCA) officially changed its name to the RHODE ISLAND CLEAN WATER ASSOCIATION (RICWA) as of JAnuary 1, 2020.

All of our Correspondence, web site, etc. will be updated in the coming months.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic. All events are postponed until further notice! We would like to acknowledge and thank all of our wastewater members/personel (essential personnel) who are still working. From the entire board, please be save and healthy!